Time to make history

The ufloki demo is out

Built with unreal engine 5... ufloki has some of the best graphics in the P2E industry
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How to play

- Go to the Mega
- Download the file as a zip
- Unzip the file
- Open the .exe file
- Accept permissions
- Click Start
Download the instructions
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Download the game file
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Built for gamers

The  development team built this game with unreal engine 5 to ensure we are using the newest and best technology in the market to ensure your experience is high quality

P2E features coming soon

Our next steps will be to integrate the play to earn features within the game. The plan is to have multiple different gameplay options
This application is an .exe file which is ran by windows only. You can still run them on a mac by using an emulator such as parrallels. Click the link below to learn more
Get Windows OS for Mac
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