Welcome to Universal Floki

We are a community meme token project with a play to earn game coming soon. Our mission is to weave utility into this project that enables continuous community growth.

CA: 0xe6e2454bd6d85e52309bfb6a3e3521e83c53da8a
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P2E Game demo coming soon

Get your customers’ touch points in one single place across all platforms and channels.

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Our community token is deployed to the binance smart chain. You can view the token information on bscscan
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Our swap works seamlessly

Try out the universal floki swap to trade any token built on the binance smart chain that uses pancakeswap as their LP Provider.

Ai Audited Smart Contract

Our smart contract has been verified by an artificial intelligence platform that validates the security of a smart contract. Our code is open source and has been verified to be secure and legitimate.
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Built on the Binance Smart Chain

Universal Floki is a smart contract deployed on the binance smart chain, also known as bep-20. There are many reasons we chose binance smart chain. The main reasons are cheaper gas fees and less of a carbon footprint.
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Ownership Renounced

The smart contract ownership has been renounced. This means nobody can edit the smart contract or change fees. The contract is on the blockchain and is there to stay. The supply has been equally distributed to prevent large dumps or price manipulation from whales

Growing Ecosystem

Traders, liquidity providers, and gamers participate together in a defi ecosystem that is open and accessible to all.

Powerful tokenomics

Built in utility
"Universal Floki is unique because it has interoperability between defi, the metaverse, and the gaming space. The burn and redistribution functions in the smart contract allow holders to collect tokens simply by holding”

Universal Floki

Community Admins

"With Myrage we've seen amazing results in less than 1 month, our revenue became so high that I’m thinking an exit strategy.”

Mike Willgo

Business Partner

"What can I say? This template makes me want to work with my team and finally focusing on building great products."

George Bellafonte

Senior User Acquisition Manager

"Incredibly glad to be part of this community and share the most advanced technology. Myrage made my company grows."

Steeve Karen

Software Development Leader

Powerful Tokenomics

12% buy, sell, and transfer tax

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Join our community of over 20,000 telegram members and over 10,000 holders.
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Universal Floki game is under development

The game will consist of battle royale styled game mode where the last person standing wins. During our Beta launch the highest scorers will be airdropped. After launch we plan on having the play to earn in game smart contracts deployed
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In game assets will be stored as NFT's

During the official game launch we plan on launching the first episode of NFT's which will be able to be used in the game. These assets will include items such as armor, weapons, helmets, skins, etc.
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Metaverse Properties

Universal Floki has acquired virtual properties in the crypto voxels metaverse project. We have a penthouse, the mansion, and the giveaway house.
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Decentraboard Features

Universal Floki is featured on three different slots on the Decentraboard. This nft powered billboard will be traveling the world and the metaverse giving ufloki free advertising. This billboard has already been in times square and Amsterdam

Our Slots:
- 246
- 156
- 215
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Play to Earn Features
( coming soon )

We plan to have play to earn features in the game during the launch. Buy NFT's as your in-game assets and compete for digital prizes such as tokens
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Swap is out. Yield Farming is coming soon

Utilize the Universal Floki swap to swap to acquire any asset that has its liquidity pool on pancakeswap. Staking with rewards will be launched soon.
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Phase 1 ✅

- Deploy Token
- Launch Presale
- 5,000 Holders
- CMC & CG
- Celebrity Ads

Phase 2

- Reach 15,000 Holders
-Game Beta Launch
- 35,000 Telegram Members
- Game Demo Launch
- Yield Farming Launch

Phase 3

- Reach 30,000 Holders
-Game Launch
- 50,000 Telegram Members
- Royale Tournaments
- Yield Farming Launch

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